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A Scottish Syndicate in the Redwoods


The three men also developed a second plan to create a monopoly in the manufacturer of redwood lumber by purchasing the assets of four lumber companies and becoming the largest manufacturer of redwood lumber in the world. The second plan involved a $4,000,000. investment from a second Scottish syndicate. Government investigators believed the first plan was fraudulent and indicted eleven persons who were directly involved. The notoriety of the first plan became attached to the second and was partially responsible for the failure of the attempt at a legitimate monopoly after only 19 months of operation.

Marv vividly details the process for acquiring the redwood timberlands and the attitudes of the entrymen, as well as the lumbermen that prevailed in that pioneering era. He addresses the land laws, inadequate funding of the government land office and limited oversight that was provided while passing government lands into private hands. He also describes the attempted bribery of two government investigators and the intimidation of some of the entrymen after they agreed to become government witnesses.


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Marvin Shepherd is both a safety and clinical engineer now retired from the University of California Medical Center. This is Marv’s second non-fiction book on events in California history. He and his wife, Patsy, live in Walnut Creek, California.


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