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In 1882, three lumbermen

in Humboldt County, California and a Scottish commissioned merchant in San Francisco developed a plan to acquire over 50,000 acres of redwood timberland located in northern California, and to sell them to a Scottish syndicate. The plan involved hundreds of entrymen, post-dated land entry forms, and ethically challenged government land office employees, all managed from a back-room office in Gorham Barnum’s Saloon.  (more)

This excellent book has been worth waiting for, honoring a man in California and Humboldt County history, who, this book reveals, is not as well known as we may have believed him to be. Shepherd takes us on our own exciting odyssey of discovery into the life of H. H. Buhne.

     Shepherd is clearly devoted to his subject and his text shines. When young Buhne, born into a seafaring family in Flensburg, Denmark, comes of age at sixteen and goes to sea, the reader is ready to go with him. His early adventures, from being shipwrecked and marooned . . . . (more)

Marvin Shepherd is both a safety and clinical engineer now retired from the University of California Medical Center. This is Marv’s second non-fiction book on events in California history. He and his wife, Patsy, live in Walnut Creek, California.


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